The End ME/CFS Project

ME CFS Biomarker ResearchUnder the guidance of world-renowned geneticist Ronald W. Davis, PhD, we have brought in top experts from a variety of fields for a bold and new collaborative research project. Our ultimate goal is unlocking the mystery of myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and end the suffering caused by the disease.

The project’s first study is the ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study that is designed to find a clinically useful diagnostic biomarker.

“Almost all scientists do things that are easy,” said Dr. Davis, the ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director. “That’s why no one has done this study before.”

Why we expect this project will be successful:

The End ME/CFS Project is modeled after two former success stories:


We expect the studies will increase understanding of the disease at a molecular level and find diagnostic markers, effective treatments, and a cure. These discoveries may also reveal effective prevention strategies. Basic research will be conducted in the best scientific laboratories. ME/CFS clinicians will provide their intimate knowledge of the disease and conduct any clinical trials. We will work together until answers are found.

World-renowned scientists:

Our End ME/CFS Project will create a large consortium of scientists and clinicians with expertise in ME/CFS, as well as top-notch experts in medicine, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, infectious disease, neurophysiology, bioinformatics, and statistics. Some of them have already contributed to ME/CFS research, but others are new to the field starting with this project. Their success, connections, and experience in other innovative research will bring an extra benefit to the ME/CFS field.

Leading the group is Ronald W. Davis, PhD, a world-renown geneticist. Two Nobel Laureates and other highly accomplished scientists are members of our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board, which determines what studies are conducted in this project.

Producing a breakthrough:

The End ME/CFS Project was founded on the idea that a comprehensive, interdisciplinary effort is needed to produce breakthroughs in our understanding of ME/CFS and neuro-immune diseases. Our goal is to connect the best experts, from both inside and outside the field, through openness and information sharing.

Linda Tannenbaum, our organization’s executive director, and Ronald W. Davis, PhD, also want to find answers as quickly as possible because they have a daughter and a son, respectively, suffering from ME/CFS. Personal dedication can be a powerful force for making breakthroughs in this difficult-to-understand disease.

The ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board, under the guidance of Dr. Davis, is leading the consortium in a collaborative manner to do strategic research as fast as possible in the least expensive and most systematic manner.

$5 million needed annually:

Our organization has set an initial minimum goal of $5 million per year for the “End ME/CFS” project. Funding for this project will be from grants and donations. To join in this campaign to End ME/CFS, make a donation and ask your friends, your family, and your peers to donate to this ground-breaking project that will be a catalyst to the understanding of all neuro-immune diseases.

Be part of this historic effort to unlock the mystery, find a cure, and share the hope of millions of patients worldwide!

Meet our esteemed ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board